Refusal of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Event Staff reserve the right to:

  • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and / or disorderly;
  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons;
  • Refuse entry of items which have the potential to cause injury or public nuisance (i.e. large flags / banners, musical instruments etc).

Restricted / Prohibited Items:
The following restricted / prohibited items are not permitted into the event area:

  • Glass; except glass bought at the event
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Flares / fireworks;
  • Laser pointers;
  • Knives or other dangerous weapons;
  • Recording devices (for commercial purposes) and tripods;
  • Metal flag poles and/or flag poles of more than 1 metre in length; – discretion of Security
  • Other items as determined by Event Staff and Security, which may cause injury or public nuisance.
  • Please note that the above Conditions of Entry may vary, Event Staff and Security Officers are supported by NSW Police during this event.

General Conditions

  • It is a condition of entry that patrons acknowledge that Mid-Western Regional Council and other third parties authorised by Mid-Western Regional Council may create, store, record, reproduce, publish, or use any image or recording of activities or patrons in relation to Flavours of Mudgee Street Festival.
  • Patrons grant Mid-Western Regional Council and third parties authorised by Mid-Western Regional Council permission to use recordings or images for commercial use without payment of any kind.
  • Event Staff reserve the right to inspect / search bags brought into or out of the event area.
  • Persons gaining unauthorised access into the event area may be liable for prosecution.
  • Patrons who cause a disturbance or refuse to comply with requests made by Event Staff will be evicted from the ground.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken in to the event by patrons. Alcohol may only be removed from the event if it is unopened and has been purchased from the event.
  • Smoking on the premises is only permitted in designated smoking areas and not within other event areas.
  • Customers wishing to bring personal items in to the event do so at their own risk. Event Staff will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
  • Umbrellas may be brought into the event but for the comfort of others should not be put up.
  • Unauthorised soliciting and customer surveying is not permitted.
  • No pets or animals permitted, with the exception of Guide Dogs.
  • Persons who do not wish to be filmed or photographed at the event must advise Event Staff on entry to the event.

Liquor Licencing
All persons entering the event area are advised that:

  • They are entering licenced premises;
  • Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;
  • Persons in possession of liquor will not be permitted to enter;
  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor from entering;
  • Intoxicated persons will be removed from the premises;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors;
  • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties apply under the Liquor Act 1982
  • The Mid-Western Regional Council reserves its lawful rights of the NSW Civil Liabilities Act and requires persons entering this event to have assessed their own risks prior to entry.


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